Do you organize discussion groups?

Sometimes, we organize discussion groups, online or in person. Certain groups are organized by the Centre or by volunteers from the Centre. For more info concerning the groups, please see our social media or contact us by email or phone.

Otherwise, in Montreal, there are excellent community resources aimed towards people who want the support of a group or who require individual aid. The Centre’s role also is to direct you to one or more resources that best fit your specific needs.

Do you conduct individual interventions?

Our community center takes very seriously your requests. We will gladly put you into contact with the right resource according to your needs.

Do you offer support for setting up new organizations?

Not for the moment, but the Centre provides some basic services to smaller newcomer organizations. You can read the section SERVICES/FOR GROUPS for details.
Otherwise, the Centre offers a mentoring program for volunteer involvement. For more info, see the INVOLVED YOUTH section.

I am a student and am looking for an internship. Can the Centre help me?

Yes, the Centre supervises a few interns each year in the following areas: bachelor’s or master’s in social work, technician in documentation, archivism, communication, etc. If you believe that your internship project can beneficiate the organization and the LGBTQ+ communities, we invite you to contact us at

Also, since the Centre maintains links with many LGBTQ+ organizations, we will be able to direct you to another organization for your internship, if necessary.

I experience DISCRIMINATION because of my sexual ORIENTATION OR MY gender identity. What are my options ?

You feel that your rights have not been respected ? Éducaloi has a complete guide on the rights of LGBTQ+ people:

You have been the victim of an heinous act, you want it recorded, but do not want to file a complaint with the police ? 2 platforms exist to signal it anonymously:

– Info-Crime Montréal:

– Interligne (formerly Gai Écoute) offers Alix:

If you want legal information (French only) specific to LGBTQ+ issues, you may contact Interligne :

If you are confused as to how to go about it or about the resources available to help you, contact us by phone and we will do our best to refer you to the appropriate resources for your situation.

I am outside of Canada and i experience discrimination due to my sexual orientation or my gender identity. May i require the services of the Centre ?

The Centre does not have the necessary resources to directly help people who are not currently in Canada.

However, here is a list of resources that might be useful to you :

– Rainbow railroad: Organization that helps people, discriminated due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, to leave their country of origin. However, delays might be very long and they are not active in every geographic zone.

– Oram: Organization similar to Rainbow railroad.

– Asylum connect: This website lists various LGBTQ+ resources worldwide.