Do you organize discussion groups?

No. In Montreal, there are excellent community resources aimed towards people who want the support of a group or who require individual aid. The CCGLM’s role is rather to direct you to one, or more, resource(s) that best fits your specific needs.

Do you conduct individual interventions?

Our community center takes very seriously your requests. We will gladly put you into contact with the right resource according to your needs.

Do you offer support for setting up new organizations?

Yes. The CCGLM also provides several basic services to smaller organizations and newcomers. You can read the section on group services for details.
If you want to start a LGBT community organization, it is possible to meet with us during our business hours. Simply contact us to arrange for an appointment.

I am a student and am looking for an internship. Can the CCGLM help me?

Since the community centre maintains links with many LGBT organizations, we will be able to direct you to the best place for your internship.